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Senior Product Manager more...
Location:Solon, OH
First posted:June 02, 2017

Position Summary

The Senior Product Manager will be responsible for managing & leading the product life cycle with the objective of: protecting and growing market share within current target market segments, managing existing product portfolio, identifying new product/service ideas for growth, and identifying new market segments/channels for growth. They will also be responsible for serving as the lead between operations, R&D, and sales teams with an objective of implementing new product ideas and product improvements. The Senior Product Manager will also be responsible for providing a well-researched analysis of external factors (markets, competition, industry trends) and internal factors (internal capabilities, product line performance, etc.) as an input into strategic decision making.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  • Product Performance: To ensure the fit between selected audiences' needs and our products/services to secure continuous stream of profitable revenue.
    • Be the expert in assigned product categories
    • Know the target markets/audiences
    • Understand our manufacturing systems and capabilities and their impact on quality of our products and services
    • Work closely with operations and engineering teams to identify and address products' performance issues
    • Work closely with sales/field people to identify improvement opportunities and new needs coming from customers and prospects
    • Seek direct feedback from selected target markets and end users to improve products and identify new needs
    • Identify product-improvement priorities and organize teams to manage them
    • Champion the internal communication on product related issues
    • Analyze product performance including financial indicators and our position in target markets. Communicate internally conclusions/recommendations for changes within product portfolio based on this analysis.
  • Product Positioning: To create and continuously update the competitive advantage message based on understanding of our competition, and work with marketing communications group to project this value message to the external audience.
    • Benchmarking against competitors:
      •  Regular updates of competitive information, including pricing
      •  Competitive mapping
      •  Identifying improvement areas based on changes in competitive landscape
      •  Creating internal tools to explicitly communicate our standing against major competitors
  • Product Portfolio mapping: working in collaboration with other product managers to create a map of current products and their position within market segments, distribution channels, geo markets.
  • Work closely with and provide direction to Marketing Communications team to create communications programs related to specific product line and/or target market
  • Price Structure Management: To establish fair and profitable pricing strategy that reflects the value of our products relative to competition.
    • Annual product line profitability analysis
    • Recommendation of price list structure changes
    • New price structure development for new product launches
  • New Product Development and Market Research: To provide a solid rational for projects involving product improvements, new product development and new target market/channel development.
    • Identify new trends in existing markets, translate their meaning for our business and recommend changes to the product line(s)/services/go to market strategy
    • Discover new market segments;identify their market potential and necessary product adjustments or new product needs
    • Engage different audiences (external and internal) in identification and development of innovative ideas
    • Participate in development of new products (this will often require to be a leader on certain product-development projects)


  • Minimum 4-year higher education degree in the related field.  MBA degree highly desired.
  • 7-10 years of relevant business-to-business experience in product management role with a proven track record of excellent portfolio growth and innovation leadership or an equivalent combination of experience and education. Construction materials industry experience is a plus. 
  • Ability to manage large businesses, multiple product lines, & complex projects.
  • Excellent listening skills.  Outstanding written and verbal communication skills.
  • Strategic thinker along with a high level of aptitude in understanding and processing technical language.
  • Ability to analyze, compare, contrast and synthesize information in an efficient and effective manner is important.  Ability to process data and information in an organized manner and generate ideas and recommendations is essential.
  • Ability to successfully work collaboratively with internal and external resources and customers.  Highly developed interpersonal skills.
  • Basic financial analysis skills
  • Project management skills
  • Professional image and the ability to effectively represent the company both externally and internally.
  • Willingness to travel
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